12 Reasons to Take on Transformation

Whangarei Quarry gardens, New Zealand, photo: Anna Eriksson

Have you ever thought Oh, no, not again…. and then realizing this is a repeating pattern, happening again? It could be whatever, like saying yes to too much – with stress, overwhelm and incompleteness as a result. Eating things you know is not good for you. Blaming others or circumstances, for you not having the success you want. Not daring to say the truth and ending up in a mess of misunderstandings. Postponing when you know you should not. And so on. We all have our blind spots and Achilles heels.

What if there is a way out of these behaviors?

What if there are actual steps you can take to transform yourself?

Here are some reasons WHY transformation may interest you

1. Life will be more fun, seriously! How fun is it to end up in the same mess again and again? You will be revealed when you know you can take yourself over that ditch. You will be able to at least giggle, about your own resistance to do it differently.

2. You will know what to do next time it happens, as you have learned the lesson. You know what tool to use. Provided you have done it consciously for you.

3. You will be exposed to new possibilities, as your energy is higher.

4. You will have plenty of more time, to use on things you really want to do.

5. You will get your results quicker, as you are going with the flow, instead of against it.

6. You will be more attractive in other eyes, as you are easy-going and trustworthy.

7. You will be aware of the many choices you have.

8. You will start to hear, see and feel things on a new, deeper level.

9. You will find new resources — inside yourself and out there.

10. You will be braver and more playful.

11. You will be more curious and willing to forgive and let go.

12. You will love yourself more.

Isn’t this great! Worth taking some action for.

What would that be worth in your life?

What would be possible if you let go of some ballast in your life?

Here are some first steps we all can take on

1. Take time to reflect on what is happening during your day. What is working and what is not? What is a repeating pattern that is not serving you?
Yes, you can take the time to listen in now. You can, I promise. Overcome the feeling of postponing and rush.

2. Choose one behavior you want to transform.

3. Decide what a new way would be.

4. Commit to this new behavior in three weeks — daily.

5. Write down your reflections.

Tip: choose for example to give you reflection time every day.

Optional: write me an email at anna@avalona.se about your results after the three weeks and I offer the first ten a free coaching session on the next step.

All the best!

Anna Eriksson, ICF Master Certified Coach with +30 years of experience in professional coaching and personal development.



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Anna Eriksson

ICF Master Certified Coach with +30 years of experience in professional coaching and personal development. Anna is from Stockholm, writes about transformation.